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TradingFuturo Order Flow Toolkit Manual v2.0


This indicator ToolKit has being tested and endured by a large community of traders. It has being used all around the globe across diverse financial markets. Special care has being taken to avoid it having bugs that could cause unexpected losses.

The educational version of TradingFuturo Order Flow, is intended to present some of the most common strategies in manual trading today. This is a basic package to introduce traders into order flow operative. For educational purposes, this version complies with the minimum requirements as to operate with these systems.

The educational version can be downloaded at the forum http://tradingfuturo.com/forum as well as templates for its use. Additionally there you can receive support from our team or from any of the users.

The professional version is wider and allows to greatly increase the quality of trading. It contains more signals and variables that combined with the ones in the basic can lead to larger profits. Therefore is of greater interest for traders who already know the technique and want to obtain better results in their operations.

Initial NinjaTrader Configuration

In this version is not necessary, but it is recommended, to configure NinjaTrader Tick Replay to make the indicator fully functional. You can enable Tick replay to make a back-fill of the data in the indicator following the menu Tools/Options/MarketData.

Menu Selection

Later you need to select the "Show Tick Replay" option:

Tick replay option

After that you have prepared NinjaTrader to be able to use tick replay. Then later while opening a chart you need to select the option for each chart.

Tick replay option

Getting started