We are pleased to present the most powerful version of the order flow software ever released by us.

This version is still in tests because we have a responsibility with the community and customers to provide stable software that will not damage the trader’s operations.

As a novelty it brings important trading signals the package did not have, which makes it a powerful toolkit for technical order flow analysts.

It has been carefully prepared to allow operating in cryptocurrency markets and in general in markets with minuscule ticks through the addition of ticks as well as the division of volumes. Markets very attractive for traders due to their volatility. This allows a more user friendly interpretation of the data. These functionalities are not exclusive to cryptocurrencies but allow access to other markets with similar characteristics (much volume and / or small ticks). These systems are not only for futures or forex as some people have inquired. They are applicable to any instrument.

In the footprint several visual improvements have been made to make the visualization more friendly. As larger sources for imbalances, display of unfinished auction lines. As well as the information areas of the candles. Several corrections have been made. In the unfinished auctions in the control points and in the value areas which were not perfectly corrected in the previous version. The footprint brings a new and important trading signal. The absorptions. The graphic delta is displayed locally. In other words, with respect to the candles that are shown on the screen, as a whole, it was not possible to differentiate this data well between the candles. All this is being peer reviewed. A team of traders to ensure that the implementation is correct.

Footprint using tick grouping with Litecoin instrument

The footer indicator from the previous version is loaded separately to avoid consuming resources in the machine if it is not used. As with other parts of the package with the same objective. This also allows a simpler configuration for the end user.

In the footer a magnifying glass has been added that permits to visualize the values ​​in narrow vision. In addition, the action of hiding the texts to be ” pixel perfect” has been perfected. The possibility of placing the footer identifiers on either side has also been added to allow the visualization of the values ​​in more compact candle configurations.

This package brings a large trades indicator used by many traders to determine the market zones where most activity occurs and possibly a large operator by detecting iceberg orders. This adds another powerful tool to the trader’s arsenal.

Large Trades indicator

This version of the toolkit incorporates a heatmap of the order book for operators that use this type of signals in their operations to detect the pivot points. This has multiple color configurations (a total of 5) for the user to choose the one that best suits their visual capacity.

Heatmap indicator signaling pivot point of lower price long before the prices hits it

In the COTForce, new changes have been added in order to improve its visualization as well as allowing the analysis of it locally at the request of one of the clients.

CotForce is handled by two buttons in toolbar

The ToolBar has been improved so that the buttons that are displayed can be configured. They are also initialized with the values ​​of the indicators.

All these variables / signals are used and verified by many traders that use the order flow methodology.

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    1. This is the profesional version. You need to buy it to download. As for the educational you can dowload it at the forum.

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