New version of TradingFuturo Order Flow Professional 1.8.

New version of TradingFuturo Order Flow Professional 1.8 coming soon.

This new version was heavily refactored to be a modular indicator package.

Two errors were corrected in the unfinished auctions and the POC that could affect the operation.

The percentage of the area of ​​value per candle is configurable by the trader to the needs of its operation in this version.

A large change was made in the volume profile, which has been separated as another indicator. New capacities and functionalities were added to it as dynamic change of the size of the texts. The color configuration of the positive and negative delta texts was added. This was reorganized in such a way that it occupies less space in the chart and allows more information to be displayed in the same area. Now the texts are hidden when the chart is compressed so that they do not pile up providing little information.

The footer was also separated as an accessory indicator that can be charged or not to the preference of the traders. In addition, the position of the name on the sides was made configurable, which facilitates the operation in narrow vision.

In addition, more configurations were set up, such as the sources of each part of the indicator. A volume filter was placed on the profile of each candle that allows traders to focus on the higher volume bars. This is configurable at the choice of the trader. In the figure it is shown with a filter of 300.

A toolbar was added to quickly change the chart settings according to the needs of the trader. View in bid / ask or volume / delta, hide / show the lines of the POC. Hide / show unfinished auctions. As well as the imbalances.

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