How I earned money trading

Trading is a reality that many do not have the ability to cope with, either by their low cognitive basis or lacking having an objective mind to understand without the slightest rejection, that has been mind manipulated by people with superior minds and they have been guided by the “dumb way in trading”.

Accusations of selling smoke abound in the network of networks, but the fact is that more than sell smoke, there is smoke purchase. Each one sells the knowledge he/she possesses, and believed to be correct. The task is for you to understand when you buy an item, you bought some quality and not a product that will expire very quickly over time.

The major campaigns have made Coca Cola the company that it is, but not because it is a magic formula or a better drink than the rest of its competitors, but because they knew how to play with the mind of the customer that without thinking twice, thinks in Coca Cola as the best drink in the world.

To which we come:

Trading for living is a dream now a reality in my life. From the beginning I tried to transform my talent in ways to generate money for my welfare and gain financial freedom. It was not easy I admit, and I had to go through bitter moments in my learning.

Losing money is not a matter of luck or randomness, but the product of a misuse of knowledge acquired for many years. In the network there is a lot of information, tips on how to get rich, or just how to earn a million dollars by trading. All of this information at the time had an impact on me, and caused the belief that my university studies and my skills in math did not serve me for anything in trading. Luckily having created over the years a scientific research mind for the smallest detail, and my obsession to discover the details of each process that occurs in trading brought to light all the mistakes I made for a while.

Out of my way outdated tips of how to market trading, foreign operational techniques, without any mathematical logic trying to split my mind by way of the fool, it was my first step. This simple action, I think is the basis of a sound knowledge of the mathematical structure of markets, and thus was the beginning of the end of the road.

First of all, I tried to focus in the micro-structure crossing order to quantify the inverse relationship between volatility and market liquidity. First to try to understand who creates volatility, and who creates liquidity in the market, and this approach to clearing my mind, trading strategies developed with mathematical logic based on knowledge of each market participant.

Understanding why the price moves, without this mathematical logical thought, was a real odyssey that I recognize that many are still living on their way to becoming a successful trader.

Tips like, do not move the stop, adjust your stop market order, maintain a 3/1 ratio on your operating among others, have thousands of interpretations by traders, but just hidden traps hundreds of superior minds trying to play with the reptilian minds of their competitors. Why, who can doubt that trading is a competition of strategies?

The big competitors, and I mean “big capital” knows very well the mind of technical analysts, and where they put most of their stop orders. If you were the only market participant, your stop order would go unnoticed, but it turns out you’re not. Your order joins a list of orders that cry out from the depth of market “Come hunt me I’m here!”. What we all know as spoofing or deception is one of the strategies the algorithms use to go for their stop orders. Market participants define their strategies according to their interest in the market, but the main interest is to make money, and most strategies are focused on thwarting this desire.

And of course we have advice for a novice trader, tips on how to deal with the trading and learning, which will be of valuable help for the beginner, but we do not want to bore the reader with more of the same things and as that is for the next article. Our team only invites them to reflect on this short article before beginning the long road of trading.



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