Academic phase (conferences): The duration of conferences are variable and may be subject to structural changes of content and temporalities.

First part

Is it possible to live on the stock market at full or partial times?
⦁ Truths and lies of the markets (What the powerful do not want us to know). The different types of markets, which one choose to work and what is needed to be operator of them.
⦁ How to interpret a graph, and the different types of graphs.
⦁ Operation of the platform and configuration, opening a simulated account.
⦁ The fundamental principles that move the market (the market has feelings, group behavior, speed, acceleration, momentum, fractals).
⦁ Private view: The two-way expressway with speed limits, traffic signals and congestion.
⦁ HFT (high frequency trader) or high frequency trading algorithms; Are programmable algorithms in charge of executing orders to then market autonomously, without human presence and without emotions that affect their operation.

Market participants (strong hands and weak hands)
⦁ Fundamental analysis and technical analysis, which one to choose according to the trader’s capital.
⦁ Indicators in technical analysis.
⦁ How to interpret the news.

Market Patterns
⦁ Types of graphics used.
⦁ Temporalities to be used.
⦁ Identification of bullish or bearish trends.
⦁ Trend lines.
⦁ Brackets and resistors, pivot points, practical theory of GAP, etc.

Types of Market Orders
⦁ How to order or cross-order (key content to understand market movements).
⦁ The volume spread analysis, archaic methodologies and their importance in learning modern trading.

Market liquidity, stops cascades, liquidity diagram and understanding

The speed of the market or delta and its relation with the volume

Second part

The market profile

The delta and the perimetral vision of the “Order Flow graph or Footprint”, the absorptions and their basic concepts

The delta and its relation to the absorptions

High Probability Setups
⦁ Market entry.
⦁ Make a check list.
⦁ Learn to operate without stress.
⦁ Emotional talk. The trading “Can Be Dominated” and can be made easy and simple and without stress, as when you are watching the market without thinking anything. CHANGE PARADIGMS. Many of the perspectives, attitudes and principles that would work fairly well in our “daily lives” have the opposite effect in trading. ACCEPTING RISK: The best traders not only take the risk but have learned to “Accept and Appropriate this Risk”. If they leave an operation with a loss they do not manifest the slightest emotional discomfort.

Market entry methods
⦁ How and when to open an operation that guarantees us statistical advantage in our trading.
⦁ Psychotrading and its importance.


– The academic phase can be extended in time according to the needs of the student, and the speakers who wish to add new knowledge to the academic phase.
– Conference 5 is a special conference with the aim of introducing the advanced course.
– During the course could be introduced more content that broadens the theoretical capacity of the student.



Basic course, 800 EUR + 33.60 EUR IVA

Academy Executive Phase
500 EUR 300 EUR
Only second part of Basic course, 400 EUR + 16.80 EUR IVA