TradingFuturo Order Flow Version 2.0

We would like to thank Dimitry, a trader from Russia for reporting a problem with candles during the grouping. And to Ravindar trader from India for his many suggestions that allowed to improve the quality of the software. This version has received an exhaustive revision to create a robust software of high quality. Some improvements […]

Version 1.9 of TradingFuturo Order Flow soon to be available

We are pleased to present the most powerful version of the order flow software ever released by us. This version is still in tests because we have a responsibility with the community and customers to provide stable software that will not damage the trader’s operations. As a novelty it brings important trading signals the package […]

Review of the SimpleFX platform

Website: Founded: 2014 Minimum Deposit: $0 The owner: SimpleFX Ltd Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Dash, Ethereum, Litecoin payments: Yes Introduction In this review, we will be discussing some of the key features of SimpleFX. SimpleFX aims at being the easiest CFD trading tool, perfect for the beginners. They offer a wide range of instruments, a […]

New version of TradingFuturo Order Flow Professional 1.8.

New version of TradingFuturo Order Flow Professional 1.8 coming soon. This new version was heavily refactored to be a modular indicator package. Two errors were corrected in the unfinished auctions and the POC that could affect the operation. The percentage of the area of ​​value per candle is configurable by the trader to the needs […]

TradingFuturo Order Flow version 1.7 professional available

This new version was refactored totally to allow the capacity to process massive quantities of data. This makes this version acceptable for professional traders that operate with great quantity of market data. It corrects an error in the cumulative delta that was being calculated during every tick instead of at candle closing. Professional edition brings […]

TradingFuturo Order Flow 1.6 available

In this version we have included Unfinished Auctions that are signals of price attraction. In other words, areas where the price is highly likely to return. Usually in about 20 minutes.   We also included the diagonal imbalances as some traders prefer to use this type of imbalance. There are five shapes that can be […]

What is Volume Spread Analysis or VSA

What is volume spread analysis? Volume Spread Analysis also known as VSA is a tool to study the relationship of price and volume looking to predict the short-term direction of the market. This tries to analyze: The volume Range / Dispersion or difference between the maximum and the closing (do not confuse with the bid […]