Order flow and Footprint course
⦁ The Level II or market deep. Basic Level II concepts.
⦁ The liquidity diagram in details, order crossing.
⦁ Perimeter vision of the footprint, main intensive and extensive variables. Graphical representation of the belt and order crossing.
⦁ The delta from zero to infinity.
⦁ The volume cluster and importance of the delta in the footprint context.
⦁ The base of modern trading. What you don’t know about COT and the open interest, explanation from zero.
⦁ The entropy (Disorder, Chaos and Information) the HVN and LVN; their relation to the markets.
⦁ Introduction to order flow in intraday operations and long term operation, step by step (variable by variable) and understanding the HFTs.

Understanding the COT and the open interest course
⦁ The COT from zero, modern trading and market forces.
⦁ The open interest in intraday and weekly timeframe. How to interpret the data.
⦁ The “Delta” analysis y and it’s relation with the COT and the open interest.
⦁ Different gradients in the market and their relative importance.
⦁ Advances of “gradient analysis” course and introduction to the COT analysis in intraday operations.

Gradient analysis course
⦁ The COT from zero and modern trading. Not simply COT!
⦁ Gradient definition and modern trading.
⦁ The open interest in intraday and weekly timeframe. How to interpret data.
⦁ The delta analysis, the gradients and their relation with COT and open interest.
⦁ How to apply gradients to intraday analysis.
⦁ TradingHD or high resolution trading using gradients. The holy grial of intraday HFTs.

Liquidity zones and HFTs course
⦁ The HFTs (High Frequency Traders) basic concepts and types.
⦁ Liquidity zones (HVN y LVN) from the microstructural point of view.
⦁ The delta analysis in liquidity zones and entropy creation in those zones.
⦁ The different gradients of the market and their relative importance to HTFs.
⦁ Discover HFT presence in different zones of the market.


Basic course, 800 EUR + 33.60 EUR IVA

Advanced course, 1500 EUR + 63 EUR IVA

Academy Executive Phase Theory Executive Phase Transition to real
500 EUR 300 EUR 1000 EUR 500 EUR Free