TradingFuturo Order Flow 1.6 available

In this version we have included Unfinished Auctions that are signals of price attraction. In other words, areas where the price is highly likely to return. Usually in about 20 minutes.   We also included the diagonal imbalances as some traders prefer to use this type of imbalance. There are five shapes that can be […]

What is Volume Spread Analysis or VSA

What is volume spread analysis? Volume Spread Analysis also known as VSA is a tool to study the relationship of price and volume looking to predict the short-term direction of the market. This tries to analyze: The volume Range / Dispersion or difference between the maximum and the closing (do not confuse with the bid […]

What is Algorithmic Trading

What is algorithmic trading? Algorithmic trading is a trading style in financial markets. Stock, Forex, Futures, etc, characterized by following those markets with a set of objective rules that generate entries and exits to the market. Basically an informatic system evaluates certain rules taking market data and executes orders towards this market automatically. The decisions are […]

How Google Alpha-Go works?

Recently there was in the news that champion Go player Lee Sedol was defeated by an AI. This was striking since experts were predicting that to get a computer play Go at the level computers played Chess was something to happen within 10 to 15 years. How they did it and why was supposed to […]

Order Flow indicator for Ninjatrader 8

Notice: This was the first version, the latest version is available at the forum with far more features Some may remember that some time ago were experimenting with NinjaTrader 8 and indicators (sorry in Spanish only, we were not posting in English then). Maybe some have also seen that we have been publishing tutorials […]