Order flow and Footprint course
⦁ The Level II or market deep. Basic Level II concepts.
⦁ The liquidity diagram in details, order crossing.
⦁ Perimeter vision of the footprint, main intensive and extensive variables. Graphical representation of the belt and order crossing.
⦁ The delta from zero to infinity.
⦁ The volume cluster and importance of the delta in the footprint context.
⦁ The base of modern trading. What you don’t know about COT and the open interest, explanation from zero.
⦁ The entropy (Disorder, Chaos and Information) the HVN and LVN; their relation to the markets.
⦁ Introduction to order flow in intraday operations and long term operation, step by step (variable by variable) and understanding the HFTs.

Understanding the COT and the open interest course
⦁ The COT from zero, modern trading and market forces.
⦁ The open interest in intraday and weekly timeframe. How to interpret the data.
⦁ The “Delta” analysis y and it’s relation with the COT and the open interest.
⦁ Different gradients in the market and their relative importance.
⦁ Advances of “gradient analysis” course and introduction to the COT analysis in intraday operations.

Gradient analysis course
⦁ The COT from zero and modern trading. Not simply COT!
⦁ Gradient definition and modern trading.
⦁ The open interest in intraday and weekly timeframe. How to interpret data.
⦁ The delta analysis, the gradients and their relation with COT and open interest.
⦁ How to apply gradients to intraday analysis.
⦁ TradingHD or high resolution trading using gradients. The holy grial of intraday HFTs.

Liquidity zones and HFTs course
⦁ The HFTs (High Frequency Traders) basic concepts and types.
⦁ Liquidity zones (HVN y LVN) from the microstructural point of view.
⦁ The delta analysis in liquidity zones and entropy creation in those zones.
⦁ The different gradients of the market and their relative importance to HTFs.
⦁ Discover HFT presence in different zones of the market.


Basic course, 800 EUR + 33.60 EUR IVA

Advanced course, 1500 EUR + 63 EUR IVA

Academy Executive Phase Theory Executive Phase Transition to real
500 EUR 300 EUR 1000 EUR 500 EUR Free


Separated courses Precios
Order Flow and Footprint Materials CD 500 EUR + 21 EUR IVA
(Limited offer of 10) 300 EUR + 16 EUR IVA + Shipping

Understanding COT and Open interest 500 EUR + 21 EUR IVA

Gradient Analysis 500 EUR + 21 EUR IVA

Liquidity zones and HFTs 500 EUR + 21 EUR IVA