Trading Futuro

How to become a market expert

Basic course

  • Market participants (strong hands and weak hands).
  • Market patterns.
  • Kind of market orders.
  • The speed of the market, it relation with volume
  • The market profile
  • The delta y perimetral vision of order flow and basic concepts.
  • Delta and relation with absorptions.
  • High probability setups (the holy grial)
  • Market entry methods.
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Advanced Course

  • Orden flow & Footprint
  • Understanding COT and open interest
  • Gradient Analisys
  • Liquidity zones and HFTs
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In our forum you can find indicators for Ninjatrader as well as our flagship product, an advanced Order Flow indicator for technical analysts. This has been and continues to be developed community-driven.


Get to know our team behind the courses and systems.

Aliosha García

Head of training and capacitation.

Aliosha studied Biochemistry. This created him a scientific basis in the study of graphs from mathematical and physical points of view. Subsequently he dedicated to the trading of futures contracts. Seeing the great benefits got very interested in the technique and in the study of the markets. Apply scientific methods and the use of computers and algorithms to the analysis of markets.

Waldo Alvarez

Software Developer

Waldo studied Microbiology and Computer Science. He has been dedicated to software development for a long time. Aliosha attracted him to the futures market for his knowledge in computing and software development for the development of trading algorithms and the use of computers in market analysis to predict their movement.


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